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Can I automatically notify colleagues of booking updates?
Can I automatically notify colleagues of booking updates?
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“Booking Watchers” is a way for the booking organizer on a Thriver account to inform all relevant booking updates to other company members.

To add a member at the request stage, insert the member's email address into the “Copied to” field at the bottom of the booking details. Once the request has been submitted, users added will become “booking watchers” and be informed of all of the same updates the organizer would receive.

Additionally, ”Booking watchers” can be added or removed at any booking stage. To do so, you can navigate to your bookings by clicking on the calendar icon. From there, select “View Details” and scroll to the bottom where it says “Copied To.” You will be able to add and remove a member by selecting the pencil icon to edit the details.

Once they have been added as a “Booking Watcher,” they will automatically receive email notifications on all updates that occur on a booking such as approvals, edits, price changes etc.

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