This How-To Guide will provide you with more in depth information about the Flexible Bookings beta feature.

A service request has come in and you've captured all the necessary details from the customer

1. Use the Provider Portal to request that the Thriver team make you a Flexible Booking

Once you’ve confirmed all the service details with your customer, you are ready to send the Thriver team a request to create a Flexible Booking. You can submit a request through the Provider Portal in two easy ways: from a booking request, or from a customer chat.

From a Booking Request

On any new booking request, you’ll see an option in the bottom left and top right to move forward with a Flexible Booking.

Note: For any new booking requests that come in, you will have the option to create a Flexible Booking or trigger the standard booking process via the "Approve one-time booking" button.

From a Customer Chat

When viewing a customer chat thread, you’ll see an option in the top right to either move forward with a Flexible Booking or create and auto-approve a custom service/booking for the customer.

Once you have decided to move forward with a customer and create a Flexible Booking to formally track the service engagement, you'll be presented with a popup that prompts you to provide the details of the service on which both parties have agreed. Details to include are the estimated start date, a description of what you'll be providing, and the frequency of the service.

This request is submitted to the Thriver team.

2. We'll follow up with you and your customer to confirm the details, and then we'll create a flexible booking for both parties.

Once your request has been submitted, you should hear back from our Support team within 1 business day. Our team might have some follow-up questions they’ll want to confirm before they create your flexible booking. Once those details have been ironed out, you and your customer will receive a confirmation email as soon as your flexible booking has been created.

Your Flexible Booking has been set up

1. View it in your Upcoming Bookings

Once your Flexible Booking has been created, you will see it in your Upcoming Bookings list under a new section called “Ongoing”.

Your flexible bookings will be sorted in descending chronological order, with the most recently started flexible booking appearing at the top of your list.

From the booking cards, you can quickly message your customer or reach out to Thriver Support if you require any help.

2. Edit the details

On the details page of a Flexible Booking, you can edit certain fields that may require updates based on conversations with your customer. For example, the booking description, the start date and the frequency of the service. If there are updates required, but it is not clear from the interface how those updates should be made, you can reach out to Thriver Support directly from the details page and they will be happy to assist.

You've delivered on your service and are ready to invoice your customer

1. Create and send an invoice to the customer

You can create an invoice from two areas of the Provider Portal: a flexible booking card in your upcoming bookings list, and the booking details page.

When you click the “Create invoice” button, you’ll be presented with a “new invoice” form. The following fields will be required before you can send the invoice to your customer:

  1. Total (Excluding tax) - This is the total amount being charged to the customer, not including taxes. As part of this total, be sure to roll in any and all applicable fees.

  2. Tax - This is the total amount of tax you are charging the customer. This value plus the Total (Excluding Tax) above should add up to the final amount you wish to bill the customer.

    Note: Enter in the total tax in dollars and we’ll convert to a percentage so that it is properly displayed on the invoice we generate through Stripe.

  3. Description - This is a free-form field into which you can enter any important details that you'd like communicated to the customer, and associated with the invoice in the Thriver platform.

Lastly, you can attach any files you’d like to include, such as an original invoice copy (e.g., from your own invoicing system) with a more detailed breakdown of items delivered.

Once you’ve sent the invoice to the customer, they will receive an email notification. The customer will also see that an invoice has been added on the Flexible Booking details page in Thriver, and with only a few clicks, pay the outstanding amount.

2. Keep track of paid and unpaid invoices

On the details page of your Flexible Booking, you’ll have access to a summarized list of all of the invoices you’ve sent to the customer, and the payment status of each.

You can view the details of each associated invoice and download a copy for your records.

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