Everything you need to know to get started with the Flexible Bookings Beta

We're excited to share that we have a new type of booking that will make it easier for you to manage ongoing or recurring services, like snack programs and subscriptions, on the Thriver Platform.

What are Flexible Bookings?

While standard bookings help to automate the purchase, fulfillment, and payment of one-time services, flexible bookings give providers and customers the freedom to transact whenever they need, for as long as they need.

Providers can use flexible bookings for:

  • Any time invoicing

  • Centralized file upload and exchange

  • Quick access to customer chat

What are the Benefits of Using Flexible Bookings?

  1. Seamlessly manage ongoing / recurring services using a single booking

  2. Customer invoicing anytime before or after fulfillment

  3. Get secure, automated customer payment and provider payout

  4. Make it easier for customers to subscribe to recurring services

How Does the Beta Work?

  1. Once a customer submits a request to the provider, the Thriver team will create a flexible booking on the provider's behalf.

  2. Both the customer and provider will be able to view the flexible booking within their Upcoming Bookings list.

  3. Providers can create and send invoices on an as-needed basis and customers can make payments directly through the Thriver platform.

  4. Once a customer pays an invoice, the provider receives payment to their bank account on file.

  5. Providers can close / re-open flexible bookings at anytime.

For a more in depth how-to guide, see here.

Are You on the Beta? Then We Need Your Feedback!

The goal of this beta is to gather direct feedback that guides us in how to build a tool that will best support providers and their customers' needs when it comes to ongoing and recurring service engagements. We've started by putting some initial enhancements into our provider's hands to help narrow down exactly what works and what doesn't in the course of everyday business. Now, we need those providers to tell us what they think.

You can submit and resubmit as many times as needed.

Beta Feedback Email
Or you can send us an email at [email protected]

We'd love to hear what you think!


1. Will flexible bookings support one-time services?

Yes! The booking process will be a little different, but flexible bookings can still be used for one-time services. Since flexible bookings do not have a defined end date, a provider can simply mark the booking as "Completed" once the service has been provided and the customer has been invoiced.

2. Can I re-open a closed flexible booking in the event that a customer decides to re-engage?

Yes, a provider will be able to re-open a booking easily from the flex booking details page. Additionally, all historical data and updates will remain accessible by both the provider and customer even after a provider has marked a booking as "Completed."

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