This article will provide you with the steps needed to begin an experience with Thriver as the host.

  1. Once an experience is booked, you will receive a confirmation email from Thriver noting the details of your experience with the Zoom meeting link included

  2. When the time comes to begin the experience, click on the link received in the confirmation email to launch the meeting as the host

  3. If you are using a popup blocker, you'll need to disable this feature in order to launch a meeting successfully

  4. You can start the meeting using this link one hour or less prior to the event start time. If you click on the link before this hour, the meeting won’t begin and you will instead be taken to a screen notifying you of the meeting start time:

  5. If you have a co-host joining you, please share the host link with them and instruct them to join the meeting by clicking it.

Happy hosting!

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