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Can I attach files to my Services on Thriver?
Can I attach files to my Services on Thriver?
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Yes! You can attach one file to each of the services you provide on Thriver through your portal account.

This feature is a great way for you to highlight any additional information that you’d like to share with prospective clients about your offering. For example, you could attach a sample recipe card to your virtual cooking class, a sample worksheet to your professional development seminar, or a catalog to showcase the swag items you offer. The goal is to allow you to give prospective clients a better understanding of what your service has to offer.

You can add a file to an existing service on Thriver by following these steps:

1. Login to your Provider Portal account, and navigate to the “Services” tab on the top-left hand side of the page. This page will display all of your current services on Thriver, including services that are both active and inactive on our site.

2. Select the service you are interested in editing from the list displayed on this page.

3. Select the “Edit Service” button on the top-right hand side of the page. From there, you can select “Files” on the left-hand side of the page, where you will be able to upload a file for your service.

4. Click into the “Add file” button, and upload the file you’d like to attach to your service.

Please note that the following parameters exist in regards to uploading files to your services:

  • At this time, you can only upload one (1) file attachment per service.

  • Only PDF, PNG, and JPG files can be uploaded to Thriver.

  • You will be able to upload a maximum file size of 30MB.

  • You will only have the ability to upload files for services that are “active” for all Thriver clients, not custom services that you have created for individual clients.

5. Once you have uploaded your file successfully, you will see it appear underneath the “Add file” button. If you would like to change or delete the file you have uploaded, click into the three dots located next to the “Download” button, and select “Delete.”

Once you are satisfied with the file that has been uploaded, select “Save Changes” on the top-right hand side of the page, to ensure that this file is added to your service on Thriver.

6. You’re all set! Your updated service will now be available for clients to view and book on the Thriver marketplace. The file attachment will now be visible under the “Details” section of the service’s page, underneath the written description of your service.

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