You can edit any of your existing services on Thriver through your portal account.

We’ve put together a step-by-step video to walk you through the process of editing an existing service in your portal account. You can take a look by clicking the image below:

You can edit an existing service on Thriver by following these steps:

  1. Login to your Thriver portal account, and navigate to the “Services” tab on the top-left hand side of the page. This page will display all of your current services on Thriver, including services that are both active and inactive on our site.

  2. Select the service you are interested in editing from the list displayed on this page.

  3. Select the “Edit Service” button at the top-right hand side of the page.

  4. You can now begin making changes to your existing details in the fields of your service. You can save your changes at any point in the process by clicking the “Save Changes” button at the top-right hand side of the page.

  5. After your edits are completed, select the “Save Changes” button at the top-right hand side of the page, to apply the changes to your service on Thriver.

  6. If you are in the process of editing your service, but are unable to complete the changes at that time, simply set your service to “Inactive” at the top of the page, and select “Save Changes.” This will ensure that your service is temporarily hidden from prospective clients while incomplete, and will allow you to return to the service to complete your changes at a later time.

    Once you return, and have completed these changes, ensure that you set your service back to “Active,” and select “Save Changes.”

  7. You’re all set! Your updated service will now be available for clients to view and book on the Thriver marketplace.

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