It is important to outline your services in an engaging, clear, and consistent manner so that it is easy for customers to understand and request a booking. Following these guidelines will help ensure your content and images meet Thriver’s quality standards, represent your service(s) accurately, and appeal to customers.

How a provider service is displayed on Thriver:

  1. Service image(s) - These images describe your service visually

  2. Service title - The name of your service that describes it accurately

    • Your service title must be within 60 characters

  3. Provided by - Your company name which links to your provider profile

  4. Contact Provider - Messaging tool for customers to be able to get in touch with you and ask questions related to your service

  5. Service description - This explains your service in-depth to give customers more context for what to expect

  6. What’s included - Space to list out what customers can expect and items that are included with the service

  7. What you’ll need - Space to list out any items not included or what the customer will need to have on-hand for a successful experience

  8. FAQ - A set of frequently asked questions that you can answer related to your service

Things to consider when describing your service:

  • Have a short, concise title and use the service description section to expand on it

    • Example: Mexican burrito bowl with your choice of protein and toppings could be “Mexican burrito bowl” and the rest could be expanded in the description with the list of protein and toppings

  • Be clear about what you want the customer to do when they are requesting a booking

    • Example: One burrito bowl with your choice of protein, vegetables, and base. All burrito bowls are topped with black beans, mozzarella cheese and served with salsa, sour cream, guacamole and lime wedges on the side.

    • Protein:

      • Chicken

      • Steak

      • Shrimp

      • Baja Fish

      • Beyond Meat Bee

    • Vegetables:

      • Corn

      • Red peppers

      • Jalapenos

      • Onion

      • Fajita mix (sautéed red peppers and onion)

    • Base:

      • Mexican-spiced rice

      • Brown rice

      • Quinoa

      • Mixed greens

  • Add service instructions or explain how your service works

  • Highlight any critical information related to your service

    • Example: No substitutions allowed, must request a booking 48 hours prior to event

  • Be consistent with the language you use across similar services if you offer more than one on Thriver

    • Example: If you are offering a package, similar services should all be packages; if it’s a box, they should all be boxes

  • For SEO purposes and to maximize your visibility, we suggest having a service description that is different than what you have displayed on your own website or other marketing channels

The following type of content is not allowed on Thriver provider service pages:

  • Company website or social media links

  • Contact information such as email or phone number

How photos are displayed on Thriver service pages:

  1. Cover Image: This is the image that appears as a thumbnail on the Thriver marketplace and within search results. The cover image should always be horizontal or landscape orientation and ideally either shows the service in action (e.g. host and participants engaging) or is accurate to its service title or description (e.g. top-down or aesthetic view of the food, kit, or package).

  2. Gallery Images: This gives customers a well-rounded understanding of the service you are providing and you have the opportunity to display multiple images of the experience on your service page. To create an image gallery, you will need to add more than one image.

Cover and gallery images should work well on varying screens and browser sizes. For best results we recommend using the format and dimensions below.

  1. Format: 21:9 - horizontal

  2. Dimensions: 2560x1080

Requirements for all submitted images

Images must be a natural color, light and warm in tone. No black and white or highly edited photos.

Example of images that do and don’t meet Thriver requirements:

Images cannot have text or images overlaid on the photo. Branding (logos) can only appear as a minor and natural part of an image (e.g. on a shirt, packaging, etc).

Example of images that do and don’t meet Thriver requirements:

Images must be a single photo. Do not combine multiple images into one.

Example of images that do and don’t meet Thriver requirements:

Images must be high resolution and in focus. No blurry, pixelated, or stretched-out images.

Example of images that do and don’t meet Thriver requirements:

Images must be bright and well-lit. No dark images shot in low light.

Example of images that do and don’t meet Thriver requirements:

Intellectual property violations:

  • It is the provider’s responsibility to request and receive permission from participants to use images on the Thriver marketplace (when using images of real people)

  • All images must be created or properly licenses by the provider, or sourced in the public domain

Tips & best practices for provider service images

Images are key to communicating exactly what your audience can expect from participating and get them excited about the service. All images must be relevant to the service and depict it accurately.

Cover image subject matter

  • Ensure that the cover image represents the experience as a whole including you and/or your participants in action or the item customers can expect to receive

Example of how cover images are displayed as thumbnails:

Examples of successful cover image subject matter:

Gallery images subject matter

  • Show the host(s) leading the activity (e.g. smiling, looking at or talking to the camera)

  • Show a close-up of the experience in action (e.g. host mixing drinks, showing a card trick, swing a mask, etc.)

  • Show your participants engaging in the experience

  • As a provider, you must have the express permission of participants to use their photo

Examples of successful gallery images subject matter:

Optional images (if relevant)

  • Show the final product from the activity (e.g. completed craft, a dish you prepared, drinks that were made) so your audience knows what they will have at the end of your service

  • Show kits that are offered as part of your service

Examples of the final product of an experience and kits:

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