The provider profile allows Thriver customers to discover your business and services you have to offer. These requirements and best practices that we’ve outlined act as a guide to help increase your presence on the Thriver marketplace and build brand awareness for your business.

How the provider profile is displayed on Thriver:

  1. Provider name - The name of your company as it is publicly displayed

  2. Provider avatar - A symbol or logo that identifies your company, usually made up of text, imagery or graphics

  3. Provider profile banner image - Prominent graphic that customers see when visiting your profile

  4. Provider profile description - A bio or overview of your company, the value you bring to customers, and any awards, PR, or recognition you want to highlight

    • We recommend having a description that is within 150-300 characters

    • You can also use this space to mention popular service(s) or recommendations that you want customers to try

    • For SEO purposes, we suggest having a profile description that is different than what you have displayed on your own website or other marketing channels

  5. Provider service(s) - Your offerings on the Thriver marketplace

  6. Provider messaging tool - A way for customers to be able to get in touch with you and ask questions related to your provide profile or services listed

The following type of content is not allowed on Thriver provider profiles:

  • Company website or social media links

  • Contact information such as email or phone number

How photos are displayed on the Thriver provider profile:

Provider Profile Banner Image

The banner image should always be horizontal or landscape orientation and showcase your brand in a unique way. The image itself should work well on varying screens and browser sizes. For best results we recommend using the format and dimensions below.

Format: 21:9 - horizontalDimensions: 2560x1080

Provider AvatarAvatar images are cropped into a circle. For best results you must upload a 1:1 (square one) and ensure there is enough space around your logo or text so that your logo will not get cut off.

  1. Format: 1:1 - square

  2. Dimensions: Minimum size of 54x54px

Tips & best practices for provider profile images

It’s important to create clear and aesthetically pleasing banner images that convey what your company is about. Below are some tips for creating a compelling provider profile banner image.

  • Design for correct dimensions and resolution to ensure your brand looks professional

  • Use a visual style that aligns with your branding

    • E.g. if you have a hand-drawn logo, consider other hand-drawn elements in the banner; if your logo is geometric, use geometric shapes in the banner to create a cohesive look; you can also incorporate similar colors from your logo in your banner image

  • Create collages to showcase exciting photography of your hosts, services, and offerings

  • Use text sparingly

    • If you choose to include text, ensure that it is positioned in the center of the image so it doesn’t cut off on responsive sizes

    • Be sure that any text over top of images has enough contrast with the background, making it easy to read

An example of a successful provider profile that shows the banner image and follows Thriver guidelines:

Example of proper (top) and improper (bottom) dimensions and resolution on a provider profile banner image:

An example of a cohesive visual approach to the banner image – it is stylistically harmonious with the avatar and branding:

An example of an exciting banner image that showcases the provider’s experience:

An example of a seasonal banner used to promote upcoming services:

Example of proper (top) and improper (bottom) use of text on a provider profile banner:

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