Congratulations on completing the onboarding process with Thriver! We’re excited to have you join us, and to work together to provide exceptional services to our clients.

Provider Portal

By now, you should have received your invitation to set up your new Thriver provider portal account, where you will be able to manage your bookings and view your client communications. If you have not yet received your invitation, please reach out to us at [email protected], and we would be happy to assist you in getting started.

We’ve also put together an overview video to walk you through the key features of the Provider Portal and how to use them. Check it out below!

Messaging Tool

Within the portal you’ll be able to send messages directly to clients (and vice versa), so you can uncover exactly what they're asking for and continue to provide top-notch service. Some examples of what you can use messaging for are:

  • Understanding the specific needs of the client

  • Delivery instructions

  • Customizing services

  • And more!

Booking Process

Let's say, a client has been checking out your profile, and the service details of your experiences, and they want to book with you. Below you will find a step-by-step overview of the booking process.

  1. The client submits a Booking Request which includes the date and start time, the number of participants, and any additional comments that they may have. A copy of the initial Booking Request will be sent to your email.

  2. However, sometimes the initial booking request email you receive from the client may not have enough information to allow you to truly knock it out of the park. As such, you may need to send a message to the client to clarify any missing details, including delivery instructions. Please iron out those details with the client through our Messaging Tool, before you approve the request. This will ensure that you have all of the necessary information before you decide whether or not you are able to accommodate the booking.

  3. If there are changes that need to be made, such as the price or duration of the experience, the request can be edited by following the steps in this help guide.

  4. Once you have received all the required information from the client you can go ahead and Approve the Request.

  5. The client will be prompted to confirm the finalized details which in turn will prompt the system to send you a final email indicating that the client has confirmed the booking request.

**Please note: you can edit the booking request at the ‘pending’ stage or the ‘approved’ stage (after you have already approved the initial request), but not once it has been 'confirmed' by the client.

Custom Services

If a client would like to make a tweak to one of your existing experiences, you can create a custom service with custom pricing to meet the client’s needs. To learn more about creating custom services please visit our help guide here.

Provider Support Team

Our Provider Support Team is always here and happy to help if you have any questions, and can be reached Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm EDT, at [email protected] or by phone at 1-855-765-4355.

Are you as excited as we are to have you dive into the portal and start creating those amazing experiences for our clients? We hope so, because here at Thriver we see the positive impact that our Service Providers have on each of our clients.

Get in there and let's help companies build thriving workplaces together!

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