Through your provider portal, you will have the ability to add “menu items” to your services, allowing you to include a variety of individual items (at differing price points if needed) along with option sets that clients can choose from when placing an order with you.

To create menu items, please follow the steps below. You can also find our video tutorial on creating new services on Thriver here, or take a look at our step-by-step guide on creating new services here.

  1. To begin, log in to your Thriver portal account, and navigate to the “Menu” tab on the top left-hand side of the page. This page will display all of your current menu items on Thriver.

  2. Click the “Create menu group” button near the right-hand side of the page.

  3. Give your menu group a title, and description and select “Save.” We recommend keeping your title brief, but clear, as this is what will be displayed on our platform for clients to see.

  4. Once saved, you will be able to input all items that exist under this category, in the example shown below, we have added "Beverages". To add items under this category, select "Create Item".

  5. From here you can add your item. Create an item name, ie. "Lemonade", along with a description (optional) and the corresponding price.

  6. If that's all there is to your item, you can hit "Save" and proceed with adding more of your menu items. However, if this item has options associated with it (i.e. Strawberry Lemonade, or Raspberry Lemonade) then select "Create option sets" to add alternate selections for the same item.

  7. Next, a window will appear where you will create your option set name i.e "Flavours". You can also add an "Internal name" to your option set, this is only visible to you, and allows ease when searching for option sets to link them to items. For this example, we will make the internal name "Lemonade Flavours" so if you have to go back searching for it, you can find it easily. You also have the option to add a description here.

  8. In the same window, in the "Rules" section, you will be able to select a "Quantity Limit". You have a few options here, You can add a minimum, a maximum, an exact amount, or no limit at all. For this example, we will select "Exact Amount" and make it "1", as we only want the customer to choose one type of lemonade for this selection.

  9. You will then be prompted to make a "Selection type". You can choose between a "Checkbox" and "Quantity". For this example, we would want to select "Checkbox" as we only want the customer to select one flavour. In cases where customers are choosing options such as multiple sauces, "Quantity" may be better-suited. From there, select "Create new" to create your first menu option.

  10. A new window will appear titled "Create option". From here, you can begin to add your different flavours of lemonade. Do note, that you will have to add an option for the original flavour as well. Once you create an option, select "Save" and repeat the process.

    Proceed with adding your different options/variations. You will also have the ability to add a surcharge to a specific option (i.e. Strawberry lemonade costs $1 more than the original lemonade so you will add that here).

  11. Once you are finished with your Option set, click "Save". If you need to add another option set to the same item, i.e. Size, you can repeat the same process over again.

    If you have pre-existing option sets that you have created that you would like to add to this item, you can do so by searching for and selecting them here:

    Once you're done creating your option sets for this item, select "Done", and "Save"!

You’re all set! You can now continue to create your menu groups, items, and option sets to add to your service offerings on Thriver!

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