Yes! If you have agreed to customize a service for a client on Thriver, you can create a custom service that will automatically create a new booking option for that specific client.

To do so, log in to your Thriver portal account and navigate to the conversation with the respective client within your inbox.

Once the conversation is open and the details of the service have been finalized with the customer, click ‘Create a Custom Service’ in the top-right corner of the conversation:

A sidebar will open where you can enter the custom service details:

Fill in the information for the service and once complete, click ‘Create service’:

Please note that you also have the option to click ‘Discard’ should you no longer need to create the service:

After creating the custom service, the client will receive an email outlining the service details along with a link to complete the booking. If you are speaking with the client and wish to share the link to book directly with them, you can do so by copying the link from the top-right corner and sending it within the chat:

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