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  • Determine an official date to return to the office.

  • Consider a flexible WFH rotation for your employees.

  • Schedule a deep clean a few days before returning to the office.

  • Post signs that promote clean habits.

  • Place hand sanitizers strategically around the office.

  • Ensure frequently touched surfaces are cleaned regularly.

  • Offer your employees annual flu shots.

  • Arrange workstations to create more space.

  • Considerdividers or barriers between desks.

  • Offer employees PPEif necessary.


  • Add distance markers where people gather or line up.

  • Rearrange seats or add dividers to create distinct areas.

  • Schedule rotating coffee/meal breaks.

  • Plan for individually packaged meals & snacks.

  • Stick to a select few food providers and delivery personnel.

  • Enable contactless delivery by creating a drop-off area.

  • Have trained staff serve food, clean, and collect feedback.

  • Confirm your food providers have Platterz status.


  • Outline all health & safety precautions to the company.

  • Communicate employees’ options for returning or WFH.

  • Provide simple, clear instructions on new food protocol.

  • Send a supportive message about social distancing.

  • Create a health & safety hub for related communications.

  • Post signs &messages to help the team form habits.

  • Survey the team to learn what would empower them.

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