Plan for individually packaged meals & snacks.

  • When it comes to protecting the food we eat, individual packaging is a big help in reducing exposure to hazards, and there are a few ways you can incorporate more of it in the office.

  • We help companies have their city’s best food delivered safely, with each employee getting their own customized, individually packaged and labeled meal. We highly recommend a customized food program for your team, and we can help you create one any time.

  • It’s also smart to rethink what’s in your office kitchen cupboards. Consider replacing fresh fruit, bulk cereal, or bulk nuts in favour of individually sealed snacks. You may also want to restrict the use of reusable dishware.

Stick to a select number of food providers and delivery personnel.

  • In a contagion-conscious workplace, it’s wise to curate a smaller group of food providers. This reduces the number of people involved in feeding your team, which reduces everyone’s risk of exposure.

  • If you’d like some guidance on creating a food program with a customized selection of vendors, that happens to be our specialty.

Enable contactless delivery by designating a drop-off area.

  • If you’ve got a company full of people to feed Monday to Friday, you’ll want to create a smart system for welcoming food into the office - ideally one that allows for contactless delivery.

  • For offices with smaller head counts, the best way to enable contactless delivery is to create a designated area near the front entrance. This limits contact with delivery personnel, and it also provides a place for incoming items to be sanitized before entering the rest of the office (for extra diligence, you can request that all delivery personnel wear personal protective equipment).

  • If your employee headcount is larger, we recommend hiring a trained meal attendant to receive and organize the incoming meals.

Have trained staff serve meals, clean up, and collect feedback.

  • Anytime your company is being served food, we recommend having qualified personnel to manage the experience; someone properly trained in food safety who can serve the food and clean up the area according to strict standards.

  • Another benefit to having trained staff on-site is that they can collect employee feedback on the experience, so you can ensure that everyone is feeling safe and satisfied with their company’s food program.

Confirm your food providers have Platterz status.

  • All restaurants, caterers and vendors that partner with Platterz are required to meet strict quality and safety standards and pass the same rigorous testing process. Once they do, you can rest easy they’re following the strictest food safety protocol.

  • To find out if your food providers have Platterz status, or to learn more about our testing process, book a consultation with us.

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