Schedule a deep clean a few days before returning to the office.

  • Once you’ve determined your return date, the next step is to book a deep, antiseptic cleaning of your whole office. It’s best to arrange for a professional service to take care of this.

  • During these final days of preparation, explore if there’s a way to improve air intake/circulation. Increased airflow can help minimize opportunities for airborne hazards to build up.

Post signs that promote clean habits.

  • Your employees play an integral role in helping reduce the risks of exposure in the office. The more they contribute to cleaning and disinfecting, the safer everyone will be.

  • To encourage habits like frequent handwashing and cleaning surfaces, you’ll want to strategically locate some friendly reminders: near the bathroom, the kitchen, the front desk area, and maybe in the occasional email too.

Place hand sanitizers in areas not convenient for handwashing.

  • Frequent handwashing is really important, and when it’s not convenient or possible, a good hand sanitizer should be close by. We recommend keeping a hands-free hand sanitizer near the reception area, and if you want to be extra diligent, keep one at every workstation.

  • It’s also important to note that these hand sanitizers should be hands-free, so the sanitizing dispenser itself doesn’t become a hazard.

Ensure all frequently touched surfaces are cleaned regularly.

Beyond our hands, disinfecting the surfaces around us is also critical; everything including keyboards, desks, photocopiers, and commonly shared office items must be cleaned regularly with an effective cleaning agent.

Frequently cleaning all surfaces in an office is a thorough and constant task, which is why we recommend hiring a professional service. If you need recommendations for a good one in your area, we can help.

You can also encourage people to disinfect their hands and surfaces after each interaction (much like wiping down a machine at the gym), and permanently remove communal items like magazines and swag.

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