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How do I invite people to my booking with Thriver?
How do I invite people to my booking with Thriver?
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As an organizer of an event, you can invite participants to your bookings from within Thriver.

Once you have completed the booking process, you will be able to use this feature.

You can do this through the following ways:

  • The confirmation page immediately after booking

  • From a link in the confirmation email

  • From the booking listing page within your account

Confirmation page:

Link in the confirmation email:

Booking page within your account:

Every booking will have a unique ‘shareable link’ shown above. As the organizer, you can choose to copy this link and invite participants manually (i.e. share the link internally within your company).

When someone clicks this link they’ll land on a ‘registration page’. Successfully registering via this registration page will generate a registration confirmation email for the participant. If a booking has started, visiting the registration page will allow someone to register for the booking and immediately have Zoom open after a successful registration.

The second option is to invite your participants directly using Thriver's invite feature. In this case, you can invite emails, users, or groups from directly within your account.

When you invite an email address, they’ll receive an invitation email. They’ll need to register for the booking by providing their name on the registration page.

When you invite a user (i.e. someone who already has a Thriver account and is part of your company within Thriver), they’ll receive an invitation email. Clicking the registration link will automatically register the user and bring them to a registration confirmation page. Their information does not need to be manually entered.

In the case of multiple Zoom rooms - participants are automatically assigned to a Zoom room at the moment they’re invited. That said, participants can manually be re-assigned to any other Zoom room, whether they have registered yet or not. Invited participants are displayed as members of a room.

Organizers are able to uninvite any participant they’ve previously invited, whether the participant has registered or not. Keep in mind that the participant link will not disappear, as it will have already been sent via email, but it will no longer work to allow the participant to join the meeting when it starts.

Please note that the uninvited participant is able to re-register via a generic link, or via another participants’ link by clicking the ‘not you’ button to get to the generic registration page.

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