Are you looking to rebook a past event? Good news- you can do so directly from within your Thriver account!

First, log in to, and navigate to the Bookings Dashboard. Next, select the "Book again” tab.

Here you will see all of the past bookings made through your account. Scroll down to the event you would like to rebook, and click on it. You’ll then see a “Book it again” button appear in the panel on the right-hand side of the page. Select this to rebook your previous session.

Once you select the “Book it again” option, the details of your new booking request will automatically display the same details from your previous booking. This means that the date, time, headcount, and additional comments from your previous booking will appear by default in your new booking form.

You will need to make sure to update this booking request to reflect your new desired booking details. For example, you can update the date and time of your new booking by selecting the “Add a date and start time” button.

Once you’ve selected your new date and time, click on the “Add time and date” button at the bottom of the calendar drop down, to save the changes for your new booking.

When you have finished updating all of your new booking details, you can select the “Request it" button at the bottom of this page to send your request through to the service provider for approval.

Please note that this new booking will be subject to the service provider’s approval, and will not automatically be “confirmed” in our system. The service provider will still need to approve your request, and our usual booking flow will need to be followed to confirm your new service.

Once submitted, you will receive a popup confirmation reiterating that your request has been sent, and you will receive an email confirming your booking request submission as well.

You will also be able to view your pending booking request in your Bookings Dashboard under the “Upcoming” tab.

Now you’re all set!

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