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Does Thriver collect and share feedback for each booking?
Does Thriver collect and share feedback for each booking?
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Yes! An automatic survey will be sent out to each participant of the service an hour after it has taken place. To log your feedback, you can click on the set of stars within the email to access the feedback form.

As the organizer of the booking, you will then be able to view a summary of all participant feedback in the activity details on the 'Bookings' page within your Thriver account. This allows you to understand how your team enjoyed their experience, and assist you in planning more successful services in the future.

If at least one piece of feedback has been received, the feedback section will be available for a completed service on the Bookings Dashboard. You will be able to click into this booking and view individual feedback.

This feedback will then be shared with the service provider 24 hours after the event and is used to calculate the star rating that you see listed on each service.

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