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Can I pay for my booking by ACH?
Can I pay for my booking by ACH?
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Yes, you can pay for your Thriver booking via ACH or direct deposit!

Once you have completed the ‘checkout’ process to confirm your booking, you can expect to receive an email with your invoice shortly after.

For customers in the United States:

To pay via ACH, you can find the virtual bank account information for payment listed at the bottom of your invoice.

You can also find these banking details on the “payment page” by clicking into the link in your invoice, and selecting the “bank transfer” option. Selecting this option will display the virtual banking information you can use to send payment to Thriver for your booking.

Please note that the virtual bank account number associated with your invoice is unique to each individual Thriver user. Thriver users within the same company will be provided with different bank account numbers for use for their payments.

Please ensure you are always using the correct bank account number associated with your invoices to complete payment.

For customers in Canada:

Please send an email to [email protected], with reference to your invoice number, located at the top-left hand corner of your invoice. Our Finance Team will assist you in providing the banking details required so you can complete a direct deposit payment for your booking.

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