How do I use Top-Up?

If you're invited to participate in a Group Order, click on the link that was sent to you and login. You'll then be taken to the caterer's page to make a selection.

When adding an item over budget, you'll see the price breakdown detailed with the exact amount of what you owe provided:

If it's your first time ordering an item that exceeds allowance, you'll need to add a card. Click 'Add Card & Confirm' to confirm your selection:

Clicking “Cancel” will take you back to the order page where you'll be able to adjust your selection. If this is not your first time using Top-Up, then your default payment method will be selected. If there are multiple added, you can change the one selected and 'Confirm Order':

Now you're all set! You'll receive an order confirmation email and can review your order from the 'Orders' panel of the site. Here you can click 'View Order' on any upcoming order and this will include all order details along with the price breakdown:

Your card won't be charged until approximately three hours after the order has taken place.