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How do I add a new credit card to my account?

You can add a new payment method, by clicking on the dropdown menu icon in the top navigation and selecting Profile:

Next, click Payment Methods along the top-left of the screen:

Under 'Payment Methods', choose if you would like to add a company card or a personal card and select '+ Add a new card': 

Note: personal credit cards are used for participants of Group Orders wanting to top-up.

From there, you can add the new payment method by entering your card details. To enhance and protect cardholder security, we’ve recently implemented a new measure of also collecting the billing address. Once you've filled in the credit card details, select 'Next to Billing Address':

Finally, fill in the details of the address associated with the credit card. When you’re all done, click on 'Add Company Card' (or 'Add Personal Card') to use this card for your future orders!

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