Can I edit my Catered Order menu after it has been placed?

Yes, you can edit an order after it’s been placed as long as there is enough notice. Check our Order Edit and Cancellation Policy here.

When logged into your account, head to the 'Activities' section.

From 'Orders', there are two ways to edit an upcoming order. Firstly, you can find the order you're wanting to make changes to and press the ellipses in the top right-hand corner. From the dropdown that appears, select 'Edit Order'.

Alternatively, you can also find the upcoming order you’d like to edit, and select 'View Order'. You will then be brought to a new page, where you can edit your order. Clicking on the restaurant will bring you to their page. You can also click on existing menu items in this panel to make edits and save the changes by re-checking out the order.