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Can my employees choose their preferred experience?

Yes! You can using the polling feature within your Thriver account to allow employees to vote for their preferred activities.

To get started, login to your Thriver account and click on 'Experiences' along the left sidebar menu:

Next, click 'Start a Poll' for your selected category:

You can choose the maximum number of votes each of your team member is allowed, along with the poll closing date. You also have the option to send a message to your team with the poll:

You will then click 'Create Poll' and choose how you wish to share it.

You have the option to send via email, or to choose from existing Groups or Members within your company. You can also share the poll via a link:

As the poll manager, you will be able to edit the details while the poll is running. You can do this from the 'Experience' tab:

You also have the option to manage the members, or delete the poll:

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