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How does the credit card authorization process work?

What does a 'credit card authorization' mean?

A credit card authorization is a hold that is placed on your credit card that will reduce the amount available for you to spend out of your credit card limit. This hold is placed on your credit card when you place a catered order within 7 days of the order’s delivery. If the order is placed 8 days or later from the delivery, the hold will only be placed when the order is within 7 days. 

What happens if my credit card fails the authorization process?

  • If the authorization fails, you will receive an email notifying you that the authorization has failed and you will be prompted to try again with the same card or select a different card.
  • If the card is not updated, an email will be sent again 5 days and 4 days before the event delivery date and time. 
  • 3 days before the order, one last attempt to place an authorization will be made. If this fails, the order will be canceled and both you and the restaurant will be notified. 

What happens to the credit card authorization process if I edit my order?

If you make changes to an order that has successfully been authorized, the initial authorization will be released and a new authorization will be put on the card. It can take 2-6 days for authorizations to be cleared by the card provider bank and you may except multiple authorizations on the card until all of the previously released authorizations have been cleared. 

What happens when a prepaid credit card or a debit card is used? 

A hold will be placed on the card. If the authorization is greater than the funds on the card, the authorization will fail. 

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