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How do I organize my community into Groups?

Organizing your community into Groups allows you to have more control over which user in your company is able to view and/or participate in events they are invited to whether it is for Group Orders, Catered Orders or Treat. This allows for the smooth management of employees within a Program and provides an easy way to invite all members of a Group to an event. 

To create a Group, click on 'User Management' located in the dropdown menu under your profile. From there, you can navigate to the 'Groups' tab and click on 'Create a New Group'. 

You can then get started by giving your Group a name and by adding a description that best describes what your Group is all about.

Once your Group is created, you will be able to add Members by clicking on 'Add Members to Group'. 

You can search employees by their names or email addresses, or filter by roles and statuses, and select the checkbox to add them to your Group. Click on 'Add Members' and your Group is complete.

You can also create a group directly from the 'People' tab by selecting users and clicking on 'Create Group from Selected': 

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