What is automatic checkout?

With automatic checkout, as long as your group order is within the estimated budget range provided when you started it, we’ll automatically place your order at the deadline and notify you via email.

Automatic checkout will occur 24 hours before the restaurant's minimum notice period. For example, if the restaurant you have selected has a notice requirement of 24 hours, and you have selected automatic checkout, it will checkout 48 hours before the order start time. Once the order has been placed, it's final and no adjustments can be made. 

If you’ve opted in to automatic checkout, you can’t opt out - but you can manually check out your order whenever you’d like! 

If we’re not able to automatically place your order, you’ll receive an email with more information, and will be able to make adjustments or  manually check out your order. We'll never automatically check out your order if it’s over budget.