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How do I make changes to my Group Order?

By clicking 'Activities' you can keep track of any Group Order on the Activities Dashboard - including viewing and editing your order details and selections: 

Select ‘Manage Details’ to see how much time there is left to order and for an overview of which participants have made a selection, opted out, or still need to select and confirm a meal: 

To add or modify items as the Admin of your order, click on ‘Add items’: 

To add or modify items on behalf of a participant, click on ‘Edit Activity’ next to their name in the ‘Order Participants’ table: 

Your participants can edit their own meals up to the order deadline, and you can make as many changes as you’d like before your order is checked out. If participants topped up their order, you will be unable to make any changes to their selections. For changes after your order has been checked out, you’ll need to contact Thriver Support.

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