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How do I place a Group Order?

  1.  To start placing your order, you’ll first need to log in to your Thriver account. If you don’t already have an account, you can create one here.
  2. Click ‘Start a New Activity’ along the top of the screen. 

  3. Select the 'Group Order' option. 

  4. If you already have saved programs in place, you can choose from one of these to pre-fill your event details. 
    1. You also have the option to enter the details manually. Entering this information allows our platform to tailor the search results to match your needs. If you'd like, you can check off 'Start a program using these details' at the bottom of the page, so that your activity details will be saved for future orders.
    2. Once your activity details are set, click ‘Select Date & Time’ to continue to the next step
  5. Select the date and time for your order. 
    1. If you checked 'Start a program using these details' on the last page, your date, time, and event name details will also be added to the saved program.
    2.  Once you’re all set, click to ‘Find a Caterer’: 
  6. A list of available caterers and restaurants will now be available to browse. Once you’ve found one that will work for your team, click ‘+ Add Caterer’ and then 'Confirm your reservation' on the right side of the page. 

  7. As part of the checkout process, review your activity details, add disposal cutlery if needed, and select a tip option to add for the delivery driver for your order. If any activity details are incorrect, go back to the previous page and make any adjustments in the details bar across the top of your screen. Click 'Proceed to Delivery Details': 

  8. Add the delivery details for your order:
    1. If you selected a program when starting your order, your details will be auto-filled. 
    2. Include the suite number, and any other important details so that the delivery driver will have clear instructions for drop off. Make sure the phone number of the delivery contact is up to date, as this will be the number called for any delivery questions. You will have the option to save these details by clicking 'Use as default delivery instructions for this address'. 
    3. Click 'Proceed to Payment Details'. 
  9. Add payment details. 
    1. If you have payment methods saved to your Thriver account, select one from the options displayed. 
    2. Add your payment and billing address details. Your card will not be charged until 3 hours after your order has been completed. 
    3. Click 'Confirm'

      Your order is now placed! The caterer you selected will be notified that they are booked for an upcoming order. 

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